Total Member Involvement is a full-scale, world-church evangelistic thrust that involves every member, every church, every administrative entity, every type of public outreach ministry, personal and institutional outreach.
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The crusade going on at Nkararo ground Nkararo church in Kilgoris station has become a marvel to many after an urgent baptism took place on 15/03/2017 which included a member who have been at church for eighteen year without deciding to be baptized after several crusades at his home ground. Olengutie Ngatuny joined the church being married polygamy. He became ill three years ago with a dialysis which affected both kidneys of which caused him more than two million shillings with no change. dialysis is done twice a week at Moi referral.
The three wives who all were baptized tried to entice the husband to be baptized but he did not accepted due to some cultures which bond him and also teaching of the church which says one must choose the wife to live with and others being cared on but not as wives.
Olengutie after coming from the Hospital on 14/03/2017 heard that there is a crusade going on at Nkararo, he called the pastor at his home which was about four kilometers from crusade ground. The man received the pastor and other elders happily and giving them assurence of being baptized only the following morning. He also decided at the same hour to give the church a portion of land which is about two acres. All his wives and elder son were witnesses. his health deteriorated and he said because of that decided to baptized and follow the church manual and teachings. still he need prayer as he travels on Friday 17th march 2017 to Moi Referral for medication. Pastor John Kikwai performed baptism service